Loving Life and Making Decisions

It’s difficult today to get up and see or hear anything but headlines and drama. Even if you don’t watch TV (as many of my friends don’t) your cell phone gives you all the headlines before you know what to

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Just Sitting and Doing Nothing

Sometimes it does you good to just sit and do nothing. Usually I’m going at 200 miles an hour, however when I do sit down, I usually have a cat in my lap and the stroking is so calming that

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Your beliefs direct your action in life

I’m at the annual convention of the National Speakers Association and the above is a quote from one of the presenters.  It really made me stop and think how everything you experience has formed how you do everything and when

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Happy 4th Of July!

Do you know what the 4th of July stands for?  It’s commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776. Some of us only think of it as a long holiday weekend but it’s

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Play Today As If It’s Your Last

I attended a 4 day conference this past week and “playing today as if it’s your last” is something we talked about a lot.  And it got me to wondering whether any of you think this way. If you really

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Interesting Times

It once again has been an interesting news week.  President Trump appeared in my home town of Miami where the old guard Cuban community welcomed him with open arms, Flag day was celebrated on the 14 of June, there was

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Father’s Day Thoughts

Looking forward to Father’s Day next week, and wishing Happy Father’s Day to all of you out there who will be celebrating.  I think sometimes we don’t give Dads the benefit of doubt. Most are caring, responsible, loving individuals who

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What’s Next?

Yesterday I was watching the CBS morning show with Jane Pauley and Tracy Smith was interviewing the “Golden Boys” who were Norman Lear, Dick Van Dyke and Carl Reiner all of whom are in their 90’s. They also included Mel

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Memorial Day

I’m sure you’ve all heard the many messages this weekend of what the real meaning of Memorial Day is.  So many just look forward to a 3 day weekend, but it has real significance as we remember all those we

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A New Beginning

How many times have you thought about starting anew?  Leaving it all behind and starting out on a new adventure just accepting what comes your way.  I’ll bet not very often. What got me thinking about this are my neighbors

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