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breast cancer awareness

            I was thrilled that I was asked to emcee the Women’s Leadership Forum for UPS, Caterpillar and MasterCard held at Florida International University this past month.  In exchange they made a donation to the

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Stay Calm and Keep Moving

Did a lot of traveling this past week and found some wonderful people even though planes were delayed, cancelled and all the rest.  Some were happy they had another day in paradise, others were inconvenienced and sad and still others

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

I’ve been thinking about love a lot lately.  There are so many different kinds. We love our children one way, our partner another, friends even more ways and of course we can’t forget our 4 legged friends either. The overwhelming

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When it Hertz so good be sure to say thank you!

You know how I am always preaching having a smile and a positive attitude.  Well, most of you know that I was in L.A. last week and when I returned my rental car to Hertz, there were quite a few

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Got a customer service problem? Head directly to the front of the line!

I hope that all of you who are involved with customer service situations that are not favorable to you will take a stand.  I am sure that everyone of you can think of daily incidents where you experienced poor service

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If you are a woman in business & a lover of cats, you will understand

I had the most  fun experience yesterday.  I went to the Cat Show held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in California.  Most of you know how much I love animals as I have two cats (and one dog).  When my

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Don’t get sucked into the negativity all around you

I really had a moment that brought me back to how important mindset is.  You know that I keep stressing positive thinking and attitude and how it affects your entire being and thinking. Recently I was an observer of a

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What Should You Be Ready to Handle for a Full Blown Midlife Crisis?

                How would you rate your life on a scale of 1 to 5? If you said a 5, just keep reading and enjoying. If you’re down around the 1’s, try some of

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18 Easy Steps You Can Take to Begin a Healthier Lifestyle

Everyone wants to be healthy as long as it doesn’t take too much work.  Unfortunately it isn’t that easy but is doable and once you’re into a routine, it becomes a habit, then a lifestyle, then easy. Here are some

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7 Ways to Stay Healthy During a Challenging Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis! Did you ever think you’d have one? What is a midlife anyway? It happens to different people at various times. Some reach it at 40. Others don’t get a hit until their 70’s. Most women don’t have a

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