Creating your legacy

It’s interesting to me as I have spoken with various people, that they are interested in leaving a legacy.  I thought it only happened once you reached the age of 50, however I am finding that many people in their

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Pay Attention! (and experience the gifts of teamwork)

After a magnificent weekend of learning at a conference in Colorado Springs, I was surprised at even more learning experiences in the 24 hours it took to get home.  Yes, I went to sleep Friday night to a beautiful day

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Are you living YOUR Dream?

I had the opportunity this week to attend a huge fashion event in Palm Springs. And as I watched the people come and go, it truly was the night of the “beautiful people.” There were sparkles, low cut backs (and

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April Fool’s Day

April Fools Day

We just passed April Fools Day, and there were a lot of “pranks” going around. My favorite was that Trader Joe’s was going out of business. I literally had to listen twice before I realized it was an April Fools

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March Madness


And I’m not talking about the basketball games that are at their height right now. Yesterday was Easter and I’m sure you had kids or grand kids who were on many an egg hunt.  Good Friday was not only an

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How well are you sleeping each night?

Aged woman with white hairs sleeping on lounger in her garden.

Are you getting enough sleep?  It seems all the literature I’ve been reading this past month says we aren’t getting and what we are getting is fitful and not at all peaceful.  Then there was an additional study as to

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Wise Words from Daymond John star of Shark Tank

photo (30)

I had the honor of meeting Daymond John of Shark Tank and he’s just come out with a new book “The Power of Broke” which he graciously signed for me.  Although he is tremendously successful now, he started out with

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Katie Couric; Jau Monahan (inset)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 28, 2016 Every February marks the fun and youthful nationally recognized, Spunky Old Broad’s Month! Dr. Gayle Carson, founder of the SOB Clubs and original Spunky Old Broad, announces an honorary Spunky Old Broad each year

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231,840 Women Will Be Diagnosed With Breast Cancer This Year

239,000 will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year

According to the National Cancer Institute, 231,840 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone.  The numbers are staggering and I can tell you as a 3x champion, they continue to amaze me. So many people have asked

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Keep being a role model for all those out there who need you.

work with the real SOB to discover how you make money from  your passions

  I was first diagnosed in 1987 and the last diagnosis was in 2004.  When it first happened, breast cancer was a dirty word and not mentioned very much.  In fact I was told to hide my diagnosis so I

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