Year: 2014

What Should You Be Ready to Handle for a Full Blown Midlife Crisis?

                How would you rate your life on a scale of 1 to 5? If you said a 5, just keep reading and enjoying. If you’re down around the 1’s, try some of

18 Easy Steps You Can Take to Begin a Healthier Lifestyle

Everyone wants to be healthy as long as it doesn’t take too much work.  Unfortunately it isn’t that easy but is doable and once you’re into a routine, it becomes a habit, then a lifestyle, then easy. Here are some

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7 Ways to Stay Healthy During a Challenging Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis! Did you ever think you’d have one? What is a midlife anyway? It happens to different people at various times. Some reach it at 40. Others don’t get a hit until their 70’s. Most women don’t have a

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Dr. Gayle Carson Shares: The 9 Secrets to Living Regret Free

After spending most of my life coaching, consulting, training and speaking to corporations and associations, I am now working primarily with women over 50 who are looking for a new lease on life. Having also discovered the nine secrets for

Get out of your comfort zone and visit a new networking group!

  Whether you are new to the networking scene or looking for a different audience, be sure you look into all your local options in joining a trade associations, civic organizations or other professional group.  Too often I see business

How do you build a winning team? Practice your powers of influence.

One of the best ways to succeed as a supervisor is to build a winning team.  Part of that task includes the sometimes distasteful job of coaching and improving subpar performance. Everyone can take criticism, right? Wrong. And berating staff

Are you holding yourself back from great opportunities as a public speaker?

When you are asked to provide a program for a group, whether civic or professional, you know you’re going to be scrutinized by everyone in attendance. Whether they really do this or not is questionable, but your personal pride should

What sacrifices are you willing to make in order to market yourself to a larger audience?

Another term for positioning is self-marketing.  Can you market yourself  into a certain ob, office, title, peer group or organization?  The answer is probably yes, however you must lay out a plan.  Your plan will require goals and timetables, and

Where is your journey of self discovery taking you?

  Through a learning process you will also discover a great deal about yourself: your likes and dislikes, tolerances and intolerances, strengths and weaknesses–and very important–just how much patience you have for the learning process. Many energetic, hard-working people want to

Are you just giving people lip service or delivering true customer service to your clients?

Where is customer service positioned on your corporate ladder?  And I don’t mean lip service either…..I mean real customer service. All over the country, I always ask the same question. How many people have been to Disneyworld or Disneyland? Invariably,