Month: June 2016

You are the one to change the world

You all are the ones who are able to change the world. By living a true life of good deeds, conviction, spirit, love and enthusiasm, you are a role model for everyone around you. You may not think anyone is

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Ambassador of Sunshine

I was fortunate the other evening to give a brief presentation to the City Commission where I live. I spoke about positiveness and mindset. Although it was very brief, several times in the discussions that followed people said “Remember what

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Responding to Darkness with Light

For all my positiveness, I have to recognize the horror of yesterday’s events in Orlando.  Some people are so unhappy, so biased, so low in self-esteem, that they create these acts of utter devastation.  And of course, I ask, “To

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Living With Gusto

I’m taking some liberty with this because it’s the theme of my new resource. But here is a quote from one of my mentors Dan Kennedy. “The only real security you’ll ever have is your personal ability to produce. If

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