Month: August 2017

Your Silver Lining

People always say I think with a “silver lining.”  It is hard for me to be depressed.  I may be so for 30 seconds but then I am back on the positive side. There is so much to be grateful

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The Secrets to Happiness

I am in hopes that you are one of the many who is truly happy. That means you wake up with a smile, go to bed with a smile and have plenty of laughter throughout your day. And just remember,

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My Silver Lining

I’ve been known for my “silver lining mentality.”  What that means is that whenever something bad happens, I know something good will come out of it. That might sound crazy however I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and

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When Life Throws You A Curve

I had dinner with some old high school buddies this weekend who I’ve known for 60+ years. And I learned things I had never known–how they met, what he wished he had done, health scares no one anticipated, living longer

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