Month: February 2018

Are You Healthy?

With everything going around (like the flu), I want to remind all of you to pay attention to your health. Are you getting your checkups, injections, eating properly, enough sleep, exercise and surrounding yourself with great people and events? Everywhere

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8 Keys for Successful Public Speaking

Contributed article to: The Six Figure Coach online magazine They say public speaking is #1 on the list of the greatest fears people have.  I of course make my living at speaking in front of people so I am always

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So, You’re Holding an Event !

Contributed Article to:  The Six Figure Coach Online Magazine So you’re holding an event!  It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You’ve been to so many yourself and after all, if those people can do it, why can’t you?  So the dream begins. 

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It’s Happy Birthday Time !

Yes, today is my birthday!  And it’s a big one. My son, his husband and my daughter are all here in San Diego with me to celebrate. I am fortunate to have such a loving family and value them so

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Spunky Old Broad – 2018

Well, it’s that time again and Dolly Parton is the 2018 S.O.B. of the Year. she epitomizes everything a woman over 50 can be. A business woman, entertainer, philanthropist, song writer, author and much more, she also has been married

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Believe In You

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? I hope it’s someone who takes great pride in who she is and what she does. In a lot of radio interviews that I personally do (other than my shows),

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