Month: March 2018

What Do You Believe in?

This has been a week of introspection for a lot of people. Scandals in the White House, more terrorism, the budget that was passed and of course culminating with the March on Washington with very brave young people. I can’t

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Be Grateful For What You Have

Sometimes you look at someone else and are envious because you think they have more than you do. At other times, you believe something should be yours and it isn’t. However, there is usually a back story that no one

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The Missed Hour

Did you miss your one hour of extra sleep? I didn’t. Have you thought about what it is your do on a daily basis and why you do it? Sometimes you operate on automatic pilot and at the end of

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What’s Your Momentum?

We are now into the third month of the year, so you’ve had plenty of time to get your juices going for the year. So I need to ask you–“How’s it going?” We all start the year off with great

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