Month: July 2018

The Power of Nice

It doesn’t take much to be nice to others. A simple smile, a thank you, a helping hand now and then, and really just paying attention to others. I am also amazed and impressed with the generosity of the people

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See the Possibilities!

After being at the National Speakers Convention “Influence 18” there is nothing but possibilities. It is such an honor to know so many talented and bright people who continue to raise the bar and break the envelope. All the new

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Do You Test Yourself?

I am attending the annual National Speakers Association convention and it is a compilation of 1500 speakers so you can imagine the noise level as all these speakers get together..There are at least 100 different sessions and all of them

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Take The First Step

This is from an article I wrote 20 years ago. It’s scary how the theme is the same. Here’s part of it. Life is a golden ring. It’s opportunity waiting to happen. It can be whatever you want it to.

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Be Thankful

This is the week we celebrate our independence. Many people just think of it as a time off from work, or a way to take an entire week off or picnic time. It’s so much more than that. It was

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