239,000 will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year

According to the National Cancer Institute, 231,840 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone.  The numbers are staggering and I can tell you as a 3x champion, they continue to amaze me.

So many people have asked how I got through it that I thought I would give you at least 3 techniques I used.  I’m still carrying the torch and I have formed “The Happy Club” on Facebook.  You can go there and join and all you’ll find are happy thoughts and comments.

I’ve already talked about how important mindset and being fit are so I will give you my additional three:

Tip #1: Energize Your Life.

So many people are living without joy and laughter.  When was the last time you had a great big belly laugh? It feels so good!  There’s nothing like it. Joy is filling your life with enjoyable things, events and people.  How can you experience joy when breast cancer is in your life you ask?  How can you not?  You must, even if it’s just to keep you on an even keel.


Tip #2: Having Balance.

I know you feel you’re a little tilted the wrong way when you’re going through all this—but balance is what you need—whatever that means to you. What balance is to me is not balance to you and vice-versa.  Balance keeps you sane.  You must have it.


Tip #3: Inner Spirit

That something about you that is yours alone.  It’s what people notice when you enter a room or start a conversation.  It’s that sparkle that emanates as your mind goes to work.  It’s that special aura that is only yours.  It makes you who you are.

So if you become one of those 231,840 women, don’t lose these 3 techniques.  They will help you and everyone around you.

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