From the Journal of the S.O.B.:

I hope all of you who are Dads had a happy day yesterday and those of you who celebrated Father’s Day with your Dad or hubby made it great as well. I have to say that I had the greatest Dad ever. He worked a lot (had his own pharmacy and was considered the “town doctor”) and even was President of the NY State Pharmaceutical Association. And I am sure I modeled my husband after him as he was a fabulous dad as well.

I always said I wanted to marry someone like my dad and I did. My husband was a bit more adventurous but when it came to his family, he was the best. Father’s Day was started and celebrated by a woman, and as a matter of fact, many women who kept promoting it until it became a designated day in 1966.

Although my husband was one of just a very few who got custody of his children way back in 1960, more and more dads are stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for bringing them up. Bravo to them. My husband showed me how to diaper, feed and bathe our son (he was the first baby I ever held), and took responsibility for many of the household chores. And that’s why we lasted 45 years.

Happy Daddy’s day to all you guys out there.  We love and appreciate you.

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