I just wanted to let you know this is my last newsletter of the year. I know all of you want a peaceful yet exciting holiday season with friends and family near by. No matter what your plans, I want to wish all of you the very best and wonderful goals, happiness and excitement for the new year.

Looking back at my year, it’s been a mix of new focus, new people, new struggles and renewed energy. Of course, there’s been the usual obstacles along the way, but I consider those challenges and they keep me grounded and aware of my surroundings.

Thinking about the highlights, I met a lot of new people, had a really successful media tour, watched as my great-grandchildren continued to grow, realized how fortunate I am to be in the position I am, and experienced the cool generosity of many people.

The things I’m not thrilled about are living this year without my precious Abby, the first time I’m without a dog in 50 years, watching close friends go through illness, seeing the suffering in the world, and knowing I didn’t have as much of an impact as I wanted.

So I want to end the year by wishing you and yours the ability to receive your greatest dreams, your happiest moments and your greatest successes. Just pass along your knowledge, accomplishments and important thoughts to others along the way.

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