Someone said that as I sat in a meeting for the Ambassadors Board of Nova Southeastern U. It really struck a nerve. So many times just a little thing goes wrong and we beat ourselves up over it. When all the while, we have worked hard, done a really great job and yet this one hiccup sidetracks us.

That’s the big different between a man and a woman. A man would shrug it off and say “Well, that didn’t work” and move on. While a woman will stew and keep mulling it over in her mind. Does any of this sound like you?

It is almost impossible to go through a day without something not working, If that happens it just means you aren’t pushing hard enough. Every successful person I know has had multiple failures. They accept it even if it hurts, and move on. Remember Edison and the light bulb. So many ways it didn’t work, and then it did.

The main thing is to keep focused and not let those bright shiny objects get in the way.

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