I had some interesting comments from last week’s post.  More women than ever are concerned about the health of their mates.  And unfortunately, it is up to us to make sure our “men folk” are taking care of themselves.
The other cancer I want to talk about is colon cancer.  Although going through the pre-test is not fun (yes you have to drink that awful stuff) and you also have to empty your entire insides, it is still better than not going for a colonoscopy and fighting a preventable disease.
My next one is scheduled in 3 years (I now have to go every 10 years) and as unpleasant as it is, I will be there.  I remember when Katie Couric had one on TV because she was publicizing what her husband had died from.  She really raised the level of awareness but oh my, how soon we forget.
I hate being a pain about all of this, but you are all part of me, and I want you around for a very long time, so suck it up, and if it’s time for you to go, just do it.
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