From the Journal of the SOB:

It’s interesting as to how many people wish for things that are achievable however they seem to want them through a magic pill. You’ve heard that most things worth getting are worth working for and it is so true.

You can’t lose weight if you don’t change your diet, you can’t lost inches without exercise, you can’t learn how to use most devices without technical training and you can’t achieve your dream without taking the steps to make it happen.

It’s like the “overnight successes” you hear of in show business. It only took them 10 years including waiting on tables, and taking small parts here and there. When you are looking for instantaneous success, you may be looking for a long time.

I am having a lot of success with my radio shows, however I studied broadcasting in college and started with shows there, and have been doing my current shows for over 8 years. I want to implore all of you out there to set your goals, investigate what you need to do to get there, listen to some mentors, test the waters and then go for it. But doing the work is part of the process.

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