Are you holding yourself back from success?

Are you holding yourself back from success?

When you are asked to provide a program for a group, whether civic or professional, you know you’re going to be scrutinized by everyone in attendance. Whether they really do this or not is questionable, but your personal pride should not let you approach this in any but the most serious way.

Therefore, you’ll research, compare and analyze what you already know with new material, and synthesize it in a way that will show you know the subject or have done your best to learn it. No one who uses a professional organization properly can fail to benefit from it, both personally and professionally. And the benefit cuts both ways.

Our society regards someone who is a leader as successful. When your name and picture begin appearing in the newspaper and trade journals, others will begin to think of you as a leader or a celebrity. The more your name and picture appears, the more successful people will consider you.

The more successful you are, the more your opinion will be solicited. The many opinions you give, the more people you will meet. Exposure to more people provides more opportunities, and more opportunities has got to afford you more places and people from whom you can learn

At the same time, the more people who recognize you and your name, the more challenges will be presented to you. Challenges provide growth, but you must remember you are only as effective as your last victory. And there is always a fresh new face, ready, willing and waiting to take your place.

That is why no one can ever stop replenishing themselves. There is always room for one more star, or one more victor. To be the one, you must learn to change with the times and to be receptive to new ideas. You can only continue to teach and nurture as long as you do it well.

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