Where is customer service positioned on your corporate ladder?  And I don’t mean lip service either…..I mean real customer service.

All over the country, I always ask the same question. How many people have been to Disneyworld or Disneyland? Invariably, 80% of the people in the room put their hands up. Then I ask how many have been there twice. At least 50% of the 80% raise their hands.

Even with the high ticket prices, the long lines and waiting, people go back. Why? Because Disney spends 32 hours of training all of their personnel in the art of hospitality. They don’t harp on how to take tickets or sell soda or sweep floors, but in plain old courtesy.

Yet, think about the times you contacted businesses for services you needed for yourself or your family, how were you treated, will you go back and do they deserve to get your dollar?

Are you delivering quality customer service on a consistent basis?

Are you delivering quality customer service on a consistent basis?

And, ask yourself, does your company do this? With practice, determination and a little hard work, you can develop the confidence you need to achieve excellence.

Your ability will be in direct proportion to your interest in the person you’re dealing with and your ability to deal with the information they need. Be relaxed, confident and optimistic. Your voice and tone is important, your body language will send a message and hopefully your lasting impression will be a good one.

Be enthusiastic and reflect happiness and always have a smile. People should be able to picture you in a positive manner because you presented  a courteous and winning attitude.

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