I hope you are having a great Memorial Holiday. Sometimes we forget what the holiday actually means. Memorial Day is a great day of remembrances and if my dear friend Conni were still with us, she would be celebrating more than anyone.

She was a WW2 Marine, and never let anyone forget it. She was proud, vocal and a true patriot. I hope all of you appreciate the sacrifices our military makes and give them the respect they deserve.

My friend, Tweet Coleman, wrote a book “Take Your Life Off Autopilot” and it is s something you should really think about. So many do things just because you’ve always done them, but that doesn’t mean you are using your time effectively or that the things you do are the right ones.

I want you to look at the things you do every day for the next two weeks and see how many are crucial for you, necessary to make your day run and absolutely pointless. Try to increase the crucial, eliminate the pointless, and moderate the necessary.  You will be amazed at how more productive you will be.

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