As we wrap up Spunky Old Broad month, I wanted to leave you with a powerful message on being a powerful you. People often get the two words assertive and aggressive mixed up, especially when it comes to women. When you are assertive which simply means believing you have the right to state your thoughts, feelings and opinions as long as you don’t hurt anyone else in the process, many say you are being pushy, tough and brassy. That is completely wrong.

When you are aggressive, it means you are stating your thoughts, feelings and opinions without consideration of others. That is not acceptable nor is it correct. You can be spunky without hurting others and that is what all S.O.B.’s should be.

I believe that all people, especially women should step into their own power, whatever that is for them, and use it in the most positive, productive way possible. What changes you can make and impact you can have when you do that is monumental. Please accept my challenge and chart your own course in the best way you personally can.

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