breast cancer awareness

It’s time for me to be on my soapbox again.  As some of you know, I am a 3x breast cancer survivor who has had 16 surgeries, several rounds of radiation and chemo.

All 3 of my cancers were found by mammogram. I cannot tell you how important you getting checked is and even monitoring yourself. I am eternally grateful that I survived all that and because of it am fanatic about you taking care of you.

I also got my flu shot and hope you did as well. From what I understand this is to be a terrible flu season and the older you get, the more susceptible you are. So if you haven’t done it yet, make haste!!

While I’m on the health kick, I hope you are doing your daily exercise, eating healthy, taking your vitamins and getting enough sleep. All of that gets you on the path to a fabulous October.

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