This is all about breast cancer this month. Pink is in!! As most of you know, I am a three time breast cancer survivor and have had 16 surgeries including a double mastectomy. Yes, my chest looks like a road map but my philosophy is I am here and that’s what counts.

I am going to continue to urge all of you to get your mammograms even with the controversy surrounding them—that is how I found all three of my cases. Yes, I have been through radiation more times than I can count, and yes, I went through chemo, and once again I say “I am here.”

As with anything, I want to make sure you are getting all your checkups which include a colonoscopy, flu and pneumonia shots, a Pap smear and anything else including your yearly checkup.

Ladies, we are survivors and I know you want to be here for your loved ones, so get your checkups.

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