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All Mother’s Day

O.K. all you S.O.B.’ers, it’s coming up. For all of you mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers, I hope you will take next Sunday and love every minute of it  You deserve it!!  After all, there were all the trials and

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Spunky Old Broad – 2018

Well, it’s that time again and Dolly Parton is the 2018 S.O.B. of the Year. she epitomizes everything a woman over 50 can be. A business woman, entertainer, philanthropist, song writer, author and much more, she also has been married

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When Everything Goes Right

I had the wonderful experience of speaking at “Menopause and Mid-Life” in Houston this weekend.  I always fly American because Miami is their base, however my client booked me on United so I wasn’t sure how things would go. As

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The Purpose of Joy

Joy is gleeful and exhilarating and it fills you with a feeling of warmth.  It makes you sparkle and gives you the energy you need to pursue your dreams and everything else.  It’s different than happiness which is calmer, more

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  Yesterday would have been my 53rd wedding anniversary and strangely, my husband’s best friend passed away recently, and his wife and I met for lunch yesterday.  It was so apropos.  We laughed, reminisced and recalled old tales. And then

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You are the one to change the world

You all are the ones who are able to change the world. By living a true life of good deeds, conviction, spirit, love and enthusiasm, you are a role model for everyone around you. You may not think anyone is

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Remembering What Memorial Day Is About

I hope we all appreciate what Memorial Day is all about.  It’s not just another holiday, time off from work, time with your family, or even a catch up day.  It’s all about the sacrifices our men and women in

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Continual Reinvention

We are talking about renewal this month and I am finding myself constantly reinventing me and what I do. I spent this past week at a seminar with Lisa Sasevich. And what is wonderful about Lisa, is that she is

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Mother’s Day Connection

I hope all of you had a wonderful mother’s day!  I spent mine with my daughter and you may laugh, but we went to IHOP.  It was terrific!  I had a Belgian waffle combo with 2 eggs, sausage and hash

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Are you living YOUR Dream?

I had the opportunity this week to attend a huge fashion event in Palm Springs. And as I watched the people come and go, it truly was the night of the “beautiful people.” There were sparkles, low cut backs (and

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