June 21, 2021

​​From the Journal of the S.O.B.:​



I just loved this picture. It symbolizes spirituality, beauty, hope, growth, expectation and so much more. And it brings out whatever emotion you are feeling.

​Now that Father’s Day is over and we are heading to the end of the month, we should all be grateful for our blessings and the opportunity to enjoy an exciting summer. We were blessed with a beautiful day and the dads really took advantage of it.

​I want you all to take advantage of everything in front of you so that you experience life to the fullest. Make a new friend, experience a new adventure, try a new food. Enjoy!!


Here is a pic of Steve Forbes and I. A brilliant and humble man. Nice to everyone.

A slow week but Ellie is with me 24/7 and keeps me on my toes. She follows me from room to room and is never far away.

​Several of my old friends have been in touch and it is so good to know we are never far apart in thought.


Recording my radio shows today and have some very interesting guests. I’m always amazed at the stories people have lived and how they have gotten them to where they are today. Do you have an interesting story to tell?


Without pride and self-esteem, you may never get to the level of excellence you are capable of because you tend to exhibit self-sabotage. Study your patterns and take an active interest in people’s success. Expect the best and you will get it.

​Do a self-appraisal on yourself. You will gain great insights. Be involved with the people around you and listen to what they are saying. Praise the good as much as you criticize the bad.

​Judge Lee Shapiro said “Excellence is nothing more than being a little bit better every day.”

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