Why did I title this Cinco de Mayo? Because we are all in need of a little celebration and the 5th of May is a colorful, musical, fun celebration. So I’m going to ask you, how have you been celebrating these last many weeks vs complaining?

As I start my 8th week in isolation, I am grateful for all the education, connecting, and innovation that has been shown. The conferences I was supposed to attend in person have all been virtual (9 full days of meetings), the in-person events that were local have been zoomed to death, and my coaching has continued on with great excitement.

This is your time to share discoveries, join an audio book club, plant a garden, put yourself in surroundings that encourage rather than discourage and get the vitality you need to make things happen. Where are you ever going to find this special “moment” again? This is it!


Here is a pic of Haley Foster and me. She is one of the originators of the TedX progams and an expert on “short talks.” She is a wonderful person and helps a lot of people become successful.

Did my 12 radio shows this week, attended 2 three day conferences, did some coaching sessions, went to my oncologist where I got caught in what seemed like a typhoon, and did some online Zumba classes.

With all the hoopla about things opening up again, I can tell you, I am staying home until everyone obeys the instructions and uses common sense.


Isn’t it amazing how people have created all these group programs where they are singing, playing instruments, and even doing theater together. Imagination and creativity is in full swing. No excuses now for anyone. Even sports are replaying old games, and the at home hosts of TV shows are a hoot.


Your personality is the quality that makes you who you are. Your aura, friendliness, ability to carry on a conversation, having a variety of interests, show an infectious smile–all of those contribute to people wanting to be around you. By the way, so does your “prepared” 30 second description of yourself and what you do.

Action Step:

Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/VirtualSOBClub and join. Go to https://www.sobuniversity.com/ and join one of my programs.

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