Most people stop learning after high school. Some even continue through college. However if you ask most folk how many books they read a year, it usually isn’t more than one or two (not you guys), and as for seminars, workshops and webinars, it is even less.

I think I make up for all of you, and although some of it is repetitive, there is always something I come away with, and my latest “a-ha” is that most of us need new business models. And that’s why I keep learning and going to all those events. To remain vital, current and part of today’s world, I need to learn from the “newbie’s” while still practicing what I know.

I just came back from the GKIC Super Conference (now known as the B.S. Inner Circle) and there was a 13 year old boy who is home schooled and runs his own business–successfully.  I had my first job at 13, selling Avon cosmetics door to door, and even though I became the top-selling person in my area, it was totally different than what he is doing.

I want to encourage all of you out there who have grandchildren going the traditional route, you might want to let them spread their wings a little. There is so much out there to do.


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