As we creep towards the end of the year and the holidays are looming, I’m wondering how many of you are thinking of times past instead of present. As we get older, it seems more about remembering what was rather than what is.

I think back to the holidays when all 3 kids were tiny and I had to make sure there were the exact number of presents for each, when our mighty herd of animals (5 dogs and 3 cats), got into everything and it was delightful as well as frustrating, when we all jumped into the car with the boat tied on behind and we all water skied and swam like crazy, and now one child is gone and I’m a great grandmother.

Although I do love to think about what was because there have been so many great happenings, I also continue to create new experiences. Thank goodness I live an interesting life and the gist of all this is to hope you too are creating new and happy experiences as well. As we age, we slow down and put things on hold that we shouldn’t.

I want you to think of what you are doing this week and see if any of it qualifies as an “experience.” I hope there are so many great things going on that you will have a hard time choosing. Let me know if you find something interesting and I will post it!!

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