It’s interesting to me as I have spoken with various people, that they are interested in leaving a legacy.  I thought it only happened once you reached the age of 50, however I am finding that many people in their 40’s, especially women,  are thinking about what theirs will be.

This was brought home further this week with the passing of Prince.  Everyone seems to be talking about his “vault of music” and what will happen with it. They’ve also spoken of all the songs he wrote for others that we never knew of.

As you take your actions for the day, week, month or year, I want you to think about what you want your legacy to be, and if the actions you are taking are leading you in that direction;.  Sometimes we get so distracted that the day ends without us taking any intelligent action.

And we work and work to what end?  When we think of what we want to leave behind, are we focusing on the right things?  So I ask you to take a look at where you are going and why.

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