The good news is that my home in Gatlinburg is still standing. It seems my street made it out all right (although I don’t have the official news yet) however, the big development just in front of us didn’t do so well. And to think that two juveniles are responsible for all that death and destruction.

Then today we (my friend Conni and I) went to see the family of Richard Israel, a brilliant and articulate man who has written many books and developed much creativity in thinking who was taken from us all too soon.

The above is the reason I want all of you to feel out and attempt your dreams because you never know what tomorrow will bring. If there is something you want to try or do, if there’s a place you want to go, if there’s something you want to attempt, or if there’s something that you’ve been putting off for the perfect time – please, do it now.

We are coming up to an entire new year, so put on your thinking caps and visualize what you want in 2017.

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