To all you S.O.B’s out there, this is a very important question.  Once you hit the mid-century mark, you start asking questions. Where did the time go? Now that I’ve taken care of everyone, is it my time–yet? I have worked all my life to get a paycheck, is it time for me to do what I really want?

As I look back, although there are things I might have done differently, I can’t say that I would change my work, my family or anything else. I know I’m fortunate but I’ve also had a clear vision of what I wanted.

This is your time and if you need to make new choices, go ahead and do it. Don’t blame anyone else, don’t feel sorry for yourself, and don’t procrastinate. Just do it. If you find it doesn’t work, move on and try something else. You deserve to love your life and you deserve to be happy.

If you need to go to a career coach or life coach to help you transition, do that too. Get your answers so you can live the rest of your life in peace and happiness.

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