This has been an interesting month bringing with it many new emotions and thoughts. Between Valentine’s Day, my birthday, Spunky Old Broad month, and two very interesting boot camps, I have been through a lot of experiences.
I want you to think about the various people and happenings that have occurred in your life this month and how they’ve impacted you.  Sometimes we are on “auto pilot” that we don’t take time to think about what is going on around us, how it is impacting us and how we are impacting others.
Have you taken the time to call someone you haven’t seen for a while and just said hello and told them you’ve been thinking about them?  Have you hugged someone important in your life?  Did you do one thing this week to “pay it forward.”  Did you learn one new idea that will make a difference for you?
All of these things keep you in the “now.”  Being present is the most important thing you can do for your peers and friends.  I ask you to think about that.
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