S.O.B.’s have fire, don’t ever quit and get immense joy and pleasure out of what you do. You make a difference, and because you are sassy and “mature,” you get away with a lot more than you used to. You are the inspiration for your mentees, family and “sisters in kind” and those who want to be unique.

You have spirit! And have the opportunity to make the world a better place!  If you were to tell your story, what would it sound like? What characters would be in it and who would play them? What changes do you have to make in the coming years  to make it an Academy Award winning movie. What will you do on a daily basis to make it happen?

Approach things in small bites rather than big gulps. Take it easy on yourself. If you walk your talk and do what you say without looking worried and hurried, your spirit will shine brightly through.

Here’s how:

  1. Use a journal to write down inspirations and things you’d like to see, read, participate in or join.
  2. Write down names of people you’d like to meet or invite to lunch.
  3. Put this list in a prominent place so it doesn’t slip your mind.
  4. Ask: Was my spirit alive today?
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