We are heading into a very busy month of February for me.  It’s my birthday month, Valentine’s Day, Spunky Old Broad month and three big trips.

I just watched an old movie on the Disney Channel called “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” You all know my love of dogs and I have to confess that I smiled through the entire thing. That got me to thinking about all the positive thinking and energy I often talk about.

There is nothing like an animal to bring out the best in you.  They love you unconditionally, can’t wait to see you, want to be loved and cuddled, eat pretty much what you put in front of them, and don’t think you can do any wrong.

What if you had friends like that.  I think I do, but what about you?  Those are people you should surround yourself with,  Of course you don’t want yes people and you want them to be innovative, feisty and questioning, however you want them to be loyal and sincere as well.

If you don’t have them in your life, I want you to start looking for them everywhere you can.  You’ll be amazed where they show up and what they will mean to you. Treasure them and be as great to them as they are to you.

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