negativity, customer serviceI hope that all of you who are involved with customer service situations that are not favorable to you will take a stand.  I am sure that everyone of you can think of daily incidents where you experienced poor service and although annoyed, didn’t do anything about it.  I am here to tell you that you should go right to the top.

I had a situation where a company who prides themselves on exceptional customer service dropped the ball not once, not twice but three times.  Although I thought about letting it go, I had gotten myself geared up to make a purchase and now it wasn’t going to happen.
Where I had been neutral on the original situation, now my juices were flowing to make a deal, but certainly not with someone ignoring me.  I also believed that “the boss” had no idea what was going on.  How right I was!  When I called him he didn’t know who I was so they put me into his voice mail.  However I left a detailed message and he called me back with his private number.
Since I travel so much I can’t see him for another two weeks, but he is going to handle my situation personally and also take action on the individuals involved because he doesn’t know how many other times they dropped the ball.
So I suggest going to the top and see if you get any action.  If yes, bully for you.  If not, then you know customer service is NOT their primary focus.
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