The long weekend will be upon us shortly and once again I must take the opportunity of championing what the 4th really means.  Independence Day is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States on July 4, 1776. So I want to take this opportunity to ask you if you if you ever created a Declaration of Independence for yourself.

I so believe that we need to be independent of everyone. We can love many people and like many as well, but we have to think our own thoughts and make our own decisions, hopefully with all our loved ones in mind. We share, do for, and take care of others, sometimes at our own expense, but when done with love, it is all worth it.

I am so grateful that after the 11 years since my husband passed,  I am living a full life. Because I was so independent, I was able to carry on through the grieving process and keep things together. There will never be anyone like him, and our son is carrying on his giving ways, but my life is full and active with so much potential yet to come.

Enjoy the holiday and celebrate as only you can. I watch 9 different fireworks from my balcony and run in to watch the celebrations on TV as well. It’s a marvelous experience and I love this country and what we stand for.

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