From the Journal of the S.O.B.:

Isn’t it interesting how so many religions have celebrations around the same calendar time. Which really means we are more alike than different. And there should be more peace and harmony in the world.

I love people and so do most of you. You are always looking to do better, be better, and make others better. We are the ones who must continue to make the difference we will see in the future. If everyone just did one positive thing on a daily basis.–wow– what an impact it would have.

So I am going to ask you to make sure you are paying it forward. We are in such a hurry most of the time, that when it gets to that bewitching hour, we can’t even remember what we did in the day. And each day is so valuable that we need to make sure we take advantage of it.

Here’s how:

  1. Have a plan for your day. Don’t react–pro-act.
  2. Take 10 minutes just for you–to think.
  3. Remember to smile at everyone who comes into your day.
  4. Do something or say something to someone to enhance their day.


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