May 31, 2021

​​From the Journal of the S.O.B.:​



Once again we have a holiday that gives us a long weekend, but has so much more meaning to it. We celebrate those who have given of themselves to make our country safer and better. Thanks to all of them and to their families.

​I think it’s important to reflect on where we are in our country. There are so many unhappy events what with mass shootings, climate change and our political environment, however each of us in our own way can make small changes for the better on a daily basis which should add up to big differences.

I challenge each of you to do what you can to make each day 1% better so that it adds up to a massive 360 degree turn.


Here is a pic of me with Michael Gerber, the author of all the E Myth books. I just re-read his “E-Myth Revisited” and I was amazed how in my naivete I managed to do what he suggested in my first business, and it grew to 7 offices and a crew of 350. I just went with my gut and it worked.

This was a quiet week what with the holiday coming so all I have to report is that I did a lot of reading!!


There are so many great specials being shown on all the various streaming outlets as well as the major networks. And what about MGM being sold to Amazon? Remember when they thought Jeff Bezos was crazy just selling books. What a brilliant mind.


If your ideas are sound and make sense to you, go ahead and do them. They may have to be tweaked and nudged a little but the forward momentum will produce results that will lead to other better “happenings.”

​Read biographies of famous people and you will begin to appreciate how many failures they experienced before they hit it big. If you do nothing because of a fear of the unknown of rejection, nothing is guaranteed to happen.

Action Steps:

1. I am taking part in a wonderful give away. Stay tuned for the gifts.

2. Join our facebook group:

3. Have tea with me with one of our mugs

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