I know this is a day late but since Mother’s Day is just about every day, I am still wishing everyone a happy day and hope yesterday was fabulous for you!
Have you ever thought of making a movie of your own? There’s an old technique called the “Mental Movie Critic” where you go over the events of the day and see what you would change, keep the same or improve slightly. A slight variation of that could be your own script. As long as fun is involved, there’s no reason you shouldn’t create one and feel like you’re starting all over.
This way you can experience many different adventures and decide which one works best for you. The mini-vacations also work out well because you can do several of them, even if they’re virtual. And remember your idea book? This is when you can take advantage of some of the things that are in there.
What about a wonderful piece of music you wanted to get, If your heart does not go pitter-pat when you look at some of these things, don’t do them. Just remember to schedule R & R into your life so you see how terrific you feel when you make room for them.


This book was the second one I wrote and got me into 3 Asian countries as a speaker. It is still popular and available. You can’t believe what a thrill it was when I went into the bookstore in the Singapore Airport and there was my book. I wanted to jump up and down.

Another week of zoom meetings and interviews as well. I have two summit appearances this week and had 2 requests for webinars. There are so many new visual techniques that I can’t keep up with them, but then again, if you can give great information simply and with authority, I like that as well.

This begins week 9 of confinement, although we are supposed to begin opening up soon. I won’t be going anywhere except medical appointments and yes, hair and nails when the salon opens. I need a total work-over.

And yesterday was Miss Ellie’s second birthday. I sang Happy Birthday to her, and she continues to dart back and forth like a mad woman.


Podcast media platforms are continuing to be bought up. My Living Regret Free podcast had 2000 downloads, and my interviewees continue to be great. Stay tuned. When this pandemic finishes, we will see a whole new way of media being presented.


When you get new ideas you feel terrific because of them. You look forward to the adventures and have high hopes that they will bring great joy and learning to you. If things don’t go according to plan, just take a deep breath and understand that it may take you many twists and turns until you get where you want to go. It is all worth it if you really want those things and it will change your life. The most important thing is that these are your ideas and not someone else’s. Stay strong!

Action Step:

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Here is my talk about how to do virtual programs in this Pandemic life we are living in. I discussed conferences, virtual meetings and what it’s like to do such an event. The pitfalls to watch out for and the positive things that result from this.

Here is my interview with Tracy Paye. She is acCertified Professional Organizer. She talks about what she would do differently in her business if she started over and her most requested space to organize. She speaks to the most challenging part of getting organized and its benefits. She also talks about why people hire her and why someone would not. She talks about her typical client and her services.

Here is my interview with Dinah Lin. She is an international business executive who has lived her message several times during her life. She escaped on the last boat out of Shanghai in 1949 and ended up working with high-tech startups to Fortune 500 companies. She talks about entering the 6th stage of her life, and how she did it backwards. She moved to China at 58 and wrote “Daring to Dream Again—It’s Never Too Late.”



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