We are all recovering from a hectic holiday weekend. Some of you went crazy on Black Friday (I don’t have the patience for it), others entertained relatives, many overate, and some got stuck in the crazy weather. This is just the beginning of a busy holiday season and a time of reflection.

Did you think about what you are grateful for?  I know I did and am truly happy for my family, friends and pets. I am beginning to enter a new phase of my life and I know it will take some adjustment but I am up to the task.

Where do you see your 2019 going? Are you taking on a new role? Are you relocating or downsizing? What about travel plans? Or maybe you’re finally going to tackle that great American novel you wanted to write. Whatever it is, I am sure you will be successful at it.

Please keep in touch and let me know what’s going on in your life. I’m interested!

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