April 26, 2021

​​From the Journal of the S.O.B.:​


Here we are the end of April heading into the wonderful month of May. We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am looking forward to my son coming in for Mother’s Day. It’s been a year and a half since we’ve seen each other.

​A business peer of mine has asked me to have my following fill out the answers to the questions below, so if you can indulge me and let me know your answers we would both appreciate it.

  • Are you currently on social media platforms other than Facebook? If so, which ones.
  • Do you use the platforms for personal purposes, business or both?
  • If you had to guess how much is for personal and how much is for business, what percentage is personal and what percentage is business?
  • Would you like to learn more about how to better use and get the most out of social media?
  • If so, is there something specific you would like to learn about


Here is a pic of beloved Bill Glazer and I at an event in CA. As you know, he has suffered a second stroke, however is in rehab and improving every day. As we all send our love to him, it is helping him heal.

Had my kidney surgery on Monday last and doing well. Had another 3 day conference and my usual schedule of coaching, mentoring and meetings. This week I am doing my radio shows and for the first time will be doing a solo show in each of my genres. I have always interviewed people but think it’s time to start letting people in on my philosophies as well.

​Looking forward to my son’s visit and seeing him after all these months.


Steve Olsher has made a case for social audio. I know that many of you are video crazy, but concentrating on the spoken word without any video does have its attraction and value. So stay tuned and figure out what Clubhouse and Voxer have for you in the future.


Rather than scatter yourself in different directions, try to put like things together. When you do, they flow more smoothly, giving you additional time for other plans.

​It helps you get organized, and it ends up letting you get more accomplished. Very often, you discover new ways of doing things as well. I’m sure many of you know people who go from one task to another without giving a thought to how each can be improved.

Grouping like tasks is one of the best time management tools you will ever discover.

Action Steps:

1. Fill out the above questions.

2. Go to https://store.spunkyoldbroad.com for my mugs, clothing etc.

3. Go to www.sobuniversity.com for my programs

4. Go to facebook.com/groups/sobvirtualclub and join.

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