Hopefully, you all remembered to celebrate yesterday and honor our veterans. These are brave men and women who put their lives on the line for all of us. Sometimes I think we only focus on them when there is a holiday or a terrible event that happens. And I believe we should always think of others when no one else is looking or talking about them.

Little courtesies go a long way. Just smiling or saying thank you and even offering words of encouragement for no reason at all has an impact. I love the fact that my Mom instilled all of that in me as I was growing up. I believe that’s when it sticks with you most–it becomes a habit and a good one at that.

You and I are the ones put here to spread the good word to everyone. If you have criticism, keep it to yourself–there’s enough of it out there without us contributing to it. And so a Happy Day to all of you and thank you for being you.

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