We now begin the various celebrations of the year. This week starts the celebration of Hanukkah and then in two weeks we have Xmas and Kwanzaa. Everyone is on their best behavior this time of year, and as the commercial says “there is no naughty list.”

However, we see in the news everyday, events happening around the world that defy understanding. And just today as I was returning to my building, crime tape was up on the other side of the street because a man had beaten a woman (who was taken to the hospital) and had a gun. The police were negotiating and did get him to come out.

I was so lucky to be brought up in a wonderful loving family, that all of this is amazing to me. Although living as long as I have I am no longer naive about what goes on, however I will continue to press upon all my acquaintances, clients and listeners that we all must carry our own weight in making this a better world.

When you get up in the morning, do you anticipate a wonderful day, or do you dread it? When you finish your day, were you productive, did you do a good deed, did you make someone’s day better and are you invigorated or do you feel wiped out?

My wish for you is to have an absolutely fan-tabulous day that just makes your spirit soar!


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