To continue on with my personal journey, I thought I would tackle the subject of loss. Certainly all of you have experienced some type of loss in your life. Some are more  painful than others but none of them are easy to deal with.

I lost my son, then my husband and then my mom. Some people go through a grieving process, and of course I did my share of crying, But I also remembered all the good things about each of them. My son was a Bon Vivant who lived all over the world  and I got to meet him in various countries as I was doing seminars. He showed me amazing things while there.

My husband was one the most caring, humble and loyal people you would ever want to meet and we had 45 years of wonderful caring, sharing and love. It’s been almost 11 years since I lost him and I miss him every day.

My mom was my biggest mentor and although she never graduated high school was the smartest woman I knew. She always taught my sister and I to be independent and earn our own living even though she spent her life as a homemaker. And she did crossword puzzles in ink!

Did all of this stop me? No–because I loved all of them as much as I could. My mom spent 35 winters with me in Florida after my dad died and I took her on some amazing adventures and travel. My husband joined me on many of my travel adventures as well and had a ball seeing the sights while I was working.

LESSON LEARNED: Although we don’t want to go through any kind of loss, if we know we have given our all to our loved ones while they were here, we can go on knowing we did everything we could to make their lives happy ones. Don’t beat yourself up because they would want you to go on and live a full complete life of your own.

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