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One of the best ways to succeed as a supervisor is to build a winning team.  Part of that task includes the sometimes distasteful job of coaching and improving subpar performance.

Everyone can take criticism, right? Wrong. And berating staff in front of others is not only insensitive, it is usually unsuccessful. Ideas are one of the basic currencies in successful business. But no one likes to see their ideas come back with someone else’s name on them. Give credit where credit is due, and the idea well will never dry up.

When meeting with people you want to “sell” on some idea of yours, do a little test-marketing. Practice your pitch before you actually make it. This will enable you to test the waters. You will feel stronger yourself once you have researched all the various aspects of the proposal.

Also research the company and/or individual you’ll be dealing with. See what their past performance has been like. Can you expect a fair deal? I have found in my own dealings, both professional and civic, that when I have done my homework and am prepared, I come out on top.

I also find that when I have that “difficult” person facing me, if I give them the opportunity to vent their emotions and opinions, I usually run into far less resistance that if I try to dominate the meeting, or actas if they weren’t there.

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