How do you travel?

I have just returned from Phoenix, heading to Orlando this week and as you know the week before I was in San Diego. Even with all my medical treatment I travel really well. I believe it’s because I take good care of my physical self and am a happy person.

People make light of their thoughts and attitude however I think it is a vital component of your being. If you think negatively all day and find reasons why things won’t work, you are draining your energy and vitality on a daily basis. You can’t feel good or progress very well when you’re fighting the drain on your mind and body.

Although I don’t try to travel as much as I do, circumstances keep arriving where it is in my best interest business wise to do so. On the plane I either read or watch a movie and the time flies by. I’m not a sleeper so that doesn’t work for me, but you can take that time to think, meditate, strategize or just veg out.

Whatever you do, just make the best of it or you will be the worse for wear when you arrive.

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