My message today is all about the Hurricane.  As most of you know, I live in North Bay Village which is part of Miami Beach. Hurricane Irma did not spare us, however I don’t know what my damage is because I’m in San Diego.

I was supposed to fly home today but my flight was cancelled. They couldn’t get me out until Wednesday, and since I have to be in Phoenix on Thursday, I decided to stay here and fly directly there, heading home a week from today.

My cats are safe with the woman who takes care of them in her home. She now has 6 cats and a dog with her and all seem to be doing well. She also took all my furniture off my balcony (amazing) and got it inside. I understand from neighbors that water is coming in off the balcony because the troughs holding the sliding glass doors are full.

My thoughts are with everyone in all the states who are affected by this. This is my 6th hurricane so I knew what to expect and the issue always is–where do you go when an entire state is involved.

I love you all–and thanks for all your good wishes.

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