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Katie Couric; Jau Monahan (inset)


January 28, 2016

Every February marks the fun and youthful nationally recognized, Spunky Old Broad’s Month! Dr. Gayle Carson, founder of the SOB Clubs and original Spunky Old Broad, announces an honorary Spunky Old Broad each year that personifies youthful grace while pushing the envelope and creating positive change in the arts & entertainment world, media & broadcasting, or government & philanthropic arenas.

Dr. Gayle proudly announces her special 2016 Spunky Old Broad for the Year:

Katie Couric

Ever youthful, the 59 year old newscaster, cancer champion, talk show host, journalist and author stands for everything the S.O.B. movement is about. She is an innovative, bright, creative, passionate, & articulate woman- who has been a television host on the Big Three TV networks and currently serves as Yahoo! Global News anchor. After her husband’s passing in 1998 from a brave battle with colon cancer, Katie dedicated her life to keep the memory of her husband’s life alive through her tireless support for cancer research.

As a 3 time cancer survivor, Dr. Gayle Carson understands fighting the cancer battle is never over until all cancers are wiped clean from this earth. Ms. Couric, you are an inspiration and we applaud your efforts. We know you will continue to have the spunk you need to keep the open and brave conversations going to eradicate cancer.
Dr. Carson’s mission is to empower all women 50 plus who have achieved successes and experienced challenges. She believes: “Women are life fine wine. They get better and sweeter with age.” She does this through her radio network, where she has 20 women doing programs for women 50+ and her #1 and #3 radio shows on the Radio Ear Network.

Many boomer women feel invisible and insecure when they reach that magic age, and Dr. Carson provides resources, coaching and mentoring services for them. Ever positive and full of energy, she embraces this population and helps companies who are looking to acquire the wallet share of this group.

For more information about Spunky Old Broad Month or Dr. Gayle Carson, visit her website at or email her directly at [email protected]

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