Today is the partial opening of many businesses and although I am thrilled that people are getting back to work and some will come off unemployment, I am still staying home until everyone obeys instructions. I am venturing out today however to get my hair and nails done (no polish) as I am wearing a mask and gloves. Going early to avoid crowds and will see what the outside world looks like. This begins my 10th week in isolation with no hair or nail visits so I am excited.

Want to put some fun in your life. Try the following:

1. Find someone to laugh with even virtually. Also there are some wonderful videos you can take advantage of. I must admit I am one of those who laughs at the funny pet videos. There’s nothing better.

2. Find activities where you’ll meet people who like to do what you do and there are many virtual meet-up groups happening. And it isn’t as scary as meeting them in person.

3. Find a successful approach to everything you do, and stick to it.

4. Get up and say “This is going to be one absolutely terrific day” and mean it!

5. Start each day with brightness.

6. Laughter is infectious, so be sure you get a daily dose.

7. Put sunshine in someone else’s life.


Of course I am using photos from days past and here is one of Alison Maslan and me. She is the author of “Scaling Up.” What a beautiful and talented lady! And she is a trapeze artist.

This week brought several conversations with potential JV partners, a virtual Ambassadors meeting from Nova Southeastern U, a podcast interview, 4 association meetings, two coaching calls and my new chair for my back arrived. We will see how it does. Plus I had a new CT scan.

I am about zoomed out, but this is another week of at least 6 more, plus doctors and dentist appointments, and my virtual mastermind meeting.


The networks are really scrambling to get new and innovative programming in and since this is the time they begin shooting new shows, this may go on into the fall. The new streaming platforms are doing very well and podcasts continue to proliferate. Do you have something valuable to say? Now’s the time for you to make it public.


Now more than ever, it’s important for an S.O.B. to be flexible, it’s just as important to have a routine. By scheduling the things you must do, you can take advantage of the things you want to do, when you want to do it. It’s called balance. Balance means whatever works for you in your situation and circumstances.

Action Step:

  1. Go to and join 
  2. Go to for my new course.

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