I’m counting on you gals to do just this. I got up yesterday and was greeted with the news of the New York bombing. It is so incredible to me that there are people in this world who are so unhappy with themselves that they act out in this way.

It takes someone with a completely warped mind to do this. When I meet people in my travels, I do so with joy, amazement and hope. There is always a story of amazing strength in their background where they have overcome something devastating that might humble someone else.

I hope all of you are taking the time to smile, listen, hug, help and be there for the person who needs you the most at the time. As you know, I love going to bed with a smile and waking up with one. This can only happen if you are living the life of your choosing even though there are people who will do their darndest to sidetrack you.

Please get on my team and make sure that you compliment one person every day–sincerely. Put a smile on their face and you will have done your job.

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