We hear that phrase many times and it has a different meaning for all of us. I have spent the last 5 years going through my storage unit piece by piece and not getting very far. Every time I looked inside a box there were so many memories for me.

I had forgotten the places I had been, companies I had spoken for, articles I had written, and I got lost in the abundance of it all. I finally found a young man who has been helping me load boxes, dump them, and as you know several weeks ago I gave away 2000 books that were in storage.

Well, this weekend, not only did I give away more books, but I dumped 75 boxes of “stuff.” And that “stuff” cost me a lot of money in the day. There were my 4 color brochures, covers, and pamphlets, the over 50 videos of me giving speeches (in VHS), all the tape programs I had bought, along with other by gone “goodies.” I must have had over $25,000 in bygone $ there, but it had to go.

Now, I need to do the same thing in my apartment where I transported many of those boxes over the years. Funny thing, until I saw all the “stuff” again, I hadn’t looked or remembered it. I now believe that you DO have to get rid of things to make an opening for something new, and that’ where I am about to be.

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