Life Lessons From the Real SOB

Whether you are a business professional looking to learn from someone that has had a few years under their belt or a woman that is tired of chasing a dream instead of living one, this eBook is meant to share a little humor and motivation through the good, bad, and ugly years of my professional career spanning over 50 years.At the young age of 76- I will share I’ve been called more than a Spunky Old Broad at times, but proud of every speech, blog, book and coaching session sharing ideas with people looking for honest feedback and a positive path.My true passion lies in reaching out to women over 50 who think life is passing them by and may get lost in the journey.  Your time to live your dream is now- let’s live this life given in a big SOB way!Anyone over 50 should identify with this, and also feel a kinship for the lessons within.  The advice given is from the heart and because of these experiences, it is written with love, compassion, humor and thoughtfulness.Enjoy!

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