Living with Gusto

I’m taking some liberty with this because it’s the theme of my new resource. But here is a quote from one of my mentors Dan Kennedy.

“The only real security you’ll ever have is your personal ability to produce. If you can’t, or won’t, put a fortress around the two things upon which productivity depends – your mind and your time – pretty much nothing else is going to matter.”

To me what that means is that your mind always has to be engaging in something new, investigating what makes something tick and be willing to always take the extra step no one else wants to.  So often it is easier to become stagnant because everything is going well and we don’t want to rock the boat.

Dan suggests if we aren’t rocking the boat somebody else just might cause us to capsize.  So that is my theme for this month–Live with Gusto. And go for it.

Don’t be satisfied.  Be invigorated.

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