Isn’t that a fabulous saying? I got that from a “Juice Plus” brochure I have. (I swear by those supplements.)

Have you thought about your day?  Has it been “awesome?” I know it seems difficult to have an awesome day every day, but just think if it was. You would be bursting with excitement every time you got up. And that would be great wouldn’t it? If nothing else, you should be aiming for that.

I must tell you, I do know people like that. The smile and energy is always there, and the enthusiasm for learning, experiencing and just plain living surrounds them. I hope you have friends like that because it is catching.

Or are you living in “rote?” Just going through the motions and on auto-pilot. And at the end of the day you wonder where it went and what you got done. Wow–can you imagine–yesterday getting jealous of today? I want that every day!!

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